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Packed with antioxidants that fight off free radicals, Mighty White also has a gentle exfoliating texture that helps slough off dead cells on the skin. In addition, it is good for carefully exfoliating sensitive or acne prone skin without irritating it. It also lessens redness and inflammation caused by acne and improves your complexion, making it brighter and clearer. In addition, Mighty White also assists in skin lightening. The seven types of herb in it rejuvenate skin cells and perk them up. It makes the complexion become brighter and clearer and reveals new healthy skin underneath.

Brighten & radiant Skin

Specifications & Usage

Specifications & Usage

Weight: Approx. 00g

Atractylodes, Angelica Dahurica, Bletilla Rhizome, Radix Ampelopsis, White Poria, White Peony Root, Dry White Silkworm and Pearl, Virgin Coconut Oil & Palm Oil, and Lemon Essential Oil

No parabens, No phenoxyethanol, No SLS

Direction To Use

Direction To Use

Lather up all over in the bath or shower. Cleans from your head to your toes and anywhere in between. Keep out of eyes. For optimal soap life, allow to dry between uses on a well draining soap dish.